Thursday, September 9, 2010

Who to bet on?

Panthers vs Giants I think the Panthers are going to take this one straight up but I would take the points just to make sure and would not touch the over under.

Dolphins vs Bills The Dolphins do struggle against Buffalo but it should not be a problem this week, with the new addition of Marshall for a big play threat. Take them on the minus.

Falcons vs Steelers This is a tough game especially with Big Ben out. Dixon is a good back up that should do well. Expect the Steelers to rally around him and make it easier with a solid running game and great defense. Take them with the points.

Loins vs Bears The Loins should win this game but just to make sure take the points. I would also take the over which should be around 44.

Bengals vs Patriots This is a hard game to chose but I think if you chose the Pats on the money line you should be fine.

Browns vs Buccaneers The Browns will win this game no problem. Take them on the money line. Mike Holmgreen has done wonders for this team and the QB looks new a revived.

Colts vs Texans This is a hard game to chose I would not touch it but do take the over which is around 48 points depending on where you are betting.

Packers vs Eagles I think the Packers should have no problem passing the ball all day on the weak secondary of the Eagles. Also this game is going to be a scoring fest.

49ers vs Seahawks San Fran is looking like a really solid team I would take them minus 3 points in a heart beat.

Cardinals vs Rams Even though Arizona does not have a QB they should beat the Rams. I would take them on the money line. 

Cowboys vs Redskins Take the Cowboys in this game they are to good for the struggling Redskins. Most lines have the Cowboys minus 3-4 points I would take it.

Ravens vs Jets This is a very tough game to chose I think the Ravens should win but wouldn't touch it. I would take the under 35 points or so.

Chargers vs Chiefs Chargers are going to win this game even though they Chiefs are looking much better and the Chargers are looking a little lack. I would take them on the money line just to be safe.

If you don't feel confident do not hesitate to not take the game, better to not take it and pick the right team than to choose a game that your not sure about and lose. Than your whole ticket is lost. Good luck and See you next week 



  1. Thanks for the tips, but I'm not into gambling. :P

  2. I am legion, I see what you are doing and appreciate it. Send some love my way, you are on my daily.

  3. solid advice, i'll see what happens before i learn to trust your predictions though

  4. Good advice. I'll consider it. Also showing support.

  5. Patriots always, but I don't really watch NFL. I'm Canadian, all we watch is hockey haha

  6. good choice on the pats bro, im with ya

  7. I'm going for the Colts, all the way!

  8. Definitely good choices!

    Supporting :)

  9. That's a good list there, supporting.

  10. great shit. hope to use this sunday. Following and supporting. Hit me back

  11. Patriots, always the Patriots.

  12. good post very informative

  13. See how this goes down at the bar :P

  14. >49ers vs Seahawks
    Looks like 6 to 31.... in the Seahawks' favor!

    Haha, maybe they could get to the Superbowl again!

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